How A Small Business Can Use Twitter and Facebook to Talk to Their Customers

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Maintaining an effective line of communications with customers is an important component of having great customer relationships and a successful business. Businesses that offer the best customer service are the ones that do a great job at communicating with their customers. A great business will use the best available tools and technology to develop and nurture a good relationship with their customers. These tools may include social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Businesses can use Twitter and Facebook in a number of ways to talk to their customers. One of the primary ways is to keep their customers informed is to provide them with news updates, product changes or support information. Both Twitter and Facebook are ideal for issuing periodic and real-time information announcing new products, services and discounts. The sites can be used to help establish brand awareness. To accomplish this, businesses can send tweets via Twitter and status updates via Facebook.

By utilizing the social networking features of Twitter and Facebook, businesses can observe trends that may be occurring among their customers. This can help a business be more responsive to customer demands and needs. They can use the trend information to tailor their products and services accordingly.

Many of the features offered by Facebook and Twitter such as Facebooks Groups or Twitter Hashtags can allow a business to target their product or service to specific demographics and target audiences. Using Facebook Groups allows the product to be tailored to that specific group which lets the customer become more engaged with the business. Twitter Hashtags are keywords or topics that can be used in a tweet. A customer can search on that particular keyword to obtain all the tweets related to that keyword. Links can be utilized in the tweets or provided on a Facebook page to direct customers to products, information or support. In this manner, specific information can be directed to the target group.

The social interaction between customer and business that is available via Twitter and Facebook allows the customer to observe that the business is responsive to their needs and requests. By personalizing the information and responses, customers begin to see that the business does care what they think and that it values their input. This helps to build brand loyalty which in the long term should benefit the business.

Businesses should make sure that when using social media that their interaction with customers is two-way. It is imperative that a business listens to what their customer has to say. If they are using Twitter and Facebook for customer support, then they should make sure that they address the specific issues that the customer may have. They can use the Message function in Facebook or send a Tweet in Twitter to provide the customer with a personalized response. If they find that they are receiving multiple messages about a problem, they can use the use the social media sites to broadcast a solution to all their followers. This is a very effective way to use the wide reaching potential of Twitter and Facebook.

Other tools found within Facebook such as Messages, Events, and Photos can be used to build customer relationships. Each of these tools offers specific ways in which they can be used to interface with customers. Displaying product information and photos, event notifications, and direct messaging are just some of the ways that businesses can use these components to communicate with their customers.

When using Twitter and Facebook to talk to their customers, businesses should share more than just information about their products and services. Product information that is broadcast too frequently becomes nothing more than advertisements or spam to customers. Companies should strive to be helpful and offer solutions to the problems that their customers may have by using Twitter and Facebook as the tool to communicate.

Since social media allows two-way communication, businesses should make sure that they monitor and respond to negative feedback that they may receive or view on Twitter or Facebook. By addressing the problems that customers may have with their products and services, they can show that they are responsive and genuinely care. Using Facebook and Twitter to respond to feedback also allows a company a way to demonstrate to a wider audience how they are addressing problems that may arise. If done properly, it can go a long ways toward establishing goodwill among their customers and the public.

One of the drawbacks to using Twitter and Facebook for talking to customers is that the customer must register or have access to these social networking sites. These sites should not be the only means by which a business talks to their customers. They should be used in conjunction with other methods.

However, the use of Twitter and Facebook does represent a very effective and economical way to reach a broad customer base. Since both are two of the most widely used social networking sites, they have a reach that is hard to match through other means. Twitter and Facebook are customer relationship tools that every business should use to talk to their customers. By doing so, they stand a good chance of building and strengthening their business for the future.

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